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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Bempton Cliffs - 3rd June 2018

Gannets "A lovely couple"

The last week has been rather beastly on the east coast with an almost constant sea fret. Visibility has been extremely poor, with only brief respite for a couple of hours. Today, I was a part timer, only being available until lunchtime. Early morning was reasonably clear but the sea fret descended, occasionally making the sea and cliffs invisible! My main duty this morning was guiding nine clients on a wildlife walk so photography was limited. (These wildlife walks take place every day throughout the summer at 1100hrs and cost £5).

So what could be seen today? Todays sightings:

Early morning was reasonably clear enabling me, as a photographer to photograph photographers photographing! One of the highly recommended diving gannets workshops with Steve Race Here.

As the visibility varied, I managed to grab some Puffin images during a clear, bright period!

And Razorbills

Vegetarian Razorbill?

That wonderful yellow gape!

Whatever the weather there is always something to see! What will you discover?

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