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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Bempton Circular Walk - 8th June 2018

Serious looking Jackdaw!

Once again Symphony and I walked the Buckton, Hoddy Cows Lane, Buckton Cliffs, Bempton Cliffs circular walk. It is a great walk with a lot of potential but Hoddy Cows Lane seems to be devoid of birds (at least when I walk it!). This morning. the only bird I managed to point the camera at was this Meadow Pipit! It was also eerily quiet of bird song.

At least there was a lot more action on Buckton and Bempton cliffs with most birds now on egg and the first Gannet chicks (Guga's) being reported.

At this time of year, hundreds of immature Gannets arrive on the cliffs to socialise, observe and learn. These are known as clubs and can be quite spectacular

Year 4 Gannet with classic "piano keyboard" wings

Year 3 Gannets (the darker the Gannet, the younger they are!)

And, of course, the mature Gannets

One of my favourite birds is the Fulmar, with a good number showing well today

Heather, my wife was volunteering with the school education team and it would have been rude not to have taken this image (with friend)!

Walking the length of the RSPB reserve, I captured this image of Staple Newk using the built in fisheye effect of my Olympus bridge camera

A coffee at the visitor centre enabled a study of the Jackdaws. Ignored by many, they are very intelligent birds and not as black as many people think!

And finally,Common Whitethroat on the nature trail

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