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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Bempton Circular Walk - 22nd June 2018

Almost ready to fledge! Swallow family, Bempton Cliffs.

At this time of year, a circular door to door walk is always exciting as it covers village, farmland, seabirds and anything could turn up. Usually for me, I only see the expected birds! The morning was sunny but a strong cool wind was challenging, especially on the cliff tops!

In the village, a family of Rooks noisily went about their business. One of my favourite urban birds.

Buckton pond was quiet. The Canada Geese young are now very much "mini-me's" of their parents!

The "newish" scrape at the back of the pond is drying out but this Mallard family seem happy

Hoddy Cows Lane was a little more active than my last walk with Yellowhammer, Linnets, Whitethroats and Sedge Warblers but none prepared to allow my camera to capture them! This Goldfinch was a little more obliging.

Once on the cliffs at Buckton and Bempton, the challenging and cool north westerly wind really made itself known, but did cause the seabirds to rise high and hang in the wind.

Herring Gull



It was a good day for Puffins. This one appeared to be showing off its garden!


Some of the most photographed birds at the moment are not seabirds but the Swallow family that nest under the welcome area of the visitor centre. This brood is ready to fledge with one bird fledging as the images were being taken. The parent birds are not at all bothered by the crowds and return every year to raise their young!

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