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Monday, 14 May 2018

Late Spring on Bempton Cliffs - 13th May 2018.


The weather forecast for today at Bempton was not good - rain all morning. However, it is good that no one can predict the weather on the cliffs and the rain failed to arrive! It was rather chilly throughout the morning, becoming milder during the afternoon, with some sunshine.

The seabirds performed magnificently reinforcing the Bempton "three S's" - sight, sound and smell!

So what was seen today at Bempton?

The sightings board is compiled from many sources, visitors, staff and volunteers. Not all of the species are seen by everyone, indeed, I was disappointed not to see the two Cranes and Hobby that passed through.

The breeding season is full steam ahead with regular mating, nest building an the appearance of Gannet, Guillemot and Razorbill eggs. The Puffins in the visible nest near Grandstand viewpoint are also on their egg!

Tree Sparrow gathering

Kittiwake gathering

Puffin gathering

Gannets gathering

The "guardian" of Bempton Cliffs is still on watch!




"Ouch" My eye!



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