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Monday, 16 April 2018

Puffin Extravaganza at Bempton Cliffs - 15th April 2018

Puffin Gape!

Todays weather on the cliffs consisted of light south-easterly winds increasing in strength during the morning, but after an increasingly bright morning, a sea fret developed early afternoon with temperatures dropping rapidly. By mid afternoon, I was wishing I had my gloves and woolly hat!

The morning certainly felt like spring had arrived and once again "the cliffs were alive with the sight and sound of seabirds!". All of the breeding seabirds could be easily seen from the cliffs and some excellent spring migrants were located in the vegetation of the nature trail, feeding station and dell.

So what could be seen today?

Much to the pleasure and delight of the visitors, Puffins were showing in good numbers on all of the six viewpoints, in flight and on the sea.

Puffin taking a bow!

Puffin Yoga!

Puffin Gape!

The Nest near Grandstand

Gathering nest material

Gathering nest material

Puffins in the mist!

Puffins in the mist!

Of course it wasn't all Puffins! A walk along the nature trail produced a fantastic male Redstart - my first male for several years! Also, my first Lesser Whitethroat of the year.

Lesser Whitethroat

Back to the cliffs, it is noticeable that many Gannet nests are not yet occupied or sole birds are in residence. The bad weather in March has probably set the breeding season back by 3 - 4 weeks, so hopefully increased numbers will arrive soon.

Some of the Guillemots are still showing winter plumage / juvenile traits. This one with Puffin.




Guillemot, attempting to continue the family traits!

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