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Friday, 6 April 2018

Flamborough South Landing and Thornwick Pools - 6th April 2018

Barn Owl, Thornwick Pool

A bright but cold morning, courtesy of a strong easterly blow, spent on Flamborough Headland. Reports of a number of Firecrests was a temptation not to be missed! Starting at South Landing and Highcliff Manor, a Firecrest was located but it was very mobile and favoured the thickest vegetation! This was my first Firecrest in Yorkshire and my first since 2013 so I was pleased to get a record shot!


While hoping that the Firecrest would show a little bit more in the open, this Treecreeper ascended a nearby telegraph pole.

Leaving South Landing, the next stop was at Thornwick Pools. Getting to the lower hide was reminiscent of a world war 1 trench! Very little was on the water which is still quite high. The islands are just peaking through the water and several dead creatures could be seen, mainly fish but also a bird, query Snipe. This Carrion Crow tucked into a dead fish.

My attention was drawn to a "thing" on another area of raised ground. It looked like it had the head of a (?) cow and fishy scales!

It was, however, a rather large dead fish adjacent to a rock! Imagination is wonderful!

The local Barn Owl decided to quarter the upper pool but then dropped down above the reeds of the lower pool. Always a pleasure to see!


Central Birder said...

Great images Kevin glad you've settled down & enjoying the area, who wouldn't?

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Steve, great to hear from you and thank you. It is a great area but the diversity of birds is not high. Gone are the days when a visit to Draycote or Brandon would yield 60+ birds, here 30 would be good! Where else would regard a Green Woodpecker as a "mega"? Wouldn't give it up though! Hopefully will see you and the rest of the gang on the cliffs in May.

Central Birder said...

Hi Kevin, I'm on a Lundy Trip in May, however I think Steve and Gary will be up, they're also up in June too, again I'm on Lundy that weekend. More great images in the above blog, cheers........

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Steve. Tell them I'll be up early to release the Puffins!