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Monday, 30 October 2017

Scarbados - 30th October 2017

Riding the wave - Wigeon

The power was due to be turned off for work in Bempton today so, as it was a pleasant sunny day, we decided to head to Scarbados (Scarborough!). First stop was the harbour where we managed a juvenile Shag

Standing next to a Cormorant, giving great comparisons, but just far enough apart to avoid being on the same image!

Turnstones are getting as bad as Herring Gulls in waiting to be fed!

I had hoped to touch base with the Long Tailed Duck that has frequented the harbour mouth over the last few days, but no such luck and I also failed to get on any Purple Sandpipers. They say bad luck comes in threes - a text came through to say the Bearded Tits frequenting the outdoor theatre had also departed!

A Rock Pipit did, however, do its best to cheer!

On to Scalby Mills where a Grey Wagtail frequented the beck

And a Goosander mixed with the many Wigeon

The Wigeon entertained in the waves!

Riding the waves!

And drying off!

With one attempting to be a Petrel!

And finally some atmospheric images

Sunday, 29 October 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 29th October 2017


Today on the cliffs could best be described as "Autumnal" with a cold, strong north westerly blow, frequent squally showers and some sunshine! The strength of the wind at times on the view points was not for the faint hearted! So what was about on such a day?

Todays Sightings

All of the breeding birds have now left the cliffs so attention extends to the grasslands, vegetation and birds in flight over the reserve and out at sea. The wildlife may come and go but the environment remains the same, with invigorating walks in atmospheric conditions at all times of the year! The cliff vistas certainly punch out the wow factor!

From Bartlett Nab

Staple Newk

With all of the breeding birds gone, Staple Newk looks "naked" with the nests awaiting the birds return in 2018

A Great Black Backed Gull stands amongst the untidy Gannet nests on Staple Newk before flying off.

The Gannets have not gone completely, - some can still be seen in flight along the cliffs

Monday, 23 October 2017

Blustery Bempton - 22nd October 2017


The most prominent feature today was the very strong and cool south west wind but becoming bright and sunny after a spell of rain. It was difficult to hold my camera so the tripod had to be utilised and even then it was difficult to prevent movement!

A rainbow over Bartlett Nab had me looking for a pot of gold, but as a colleague informed me "the pot was probably at the other end"!

So, what was about on this blustery, cool, autumnal day?

Todays Sightings

The Dell held the roosting Tawny Owl, which was a challenge in itself to locate it in its favourite Hawthorn! Although not deep in the bush it was very well hidden! A Sparrowhawk flew into the Hawthorn as if to torment the Tawny and was a little easier to photograph!

Many Redwings availed themselves of the berries, together with Blackbirds and Song Thrushes.

A walk down onto the cliffs confirmed very little on the ledges. This Gannet near Bartlett Nab is probably one of the last.

Nearby, two Herring Gulls appeared to be having a conversation!

Warm coats, hats and gloves were a requirement on the viewpoints and the best plan was to keep moving! Sheltered areas near the visitor centre provided some excellent views of two Chiffchaffs, four Bramblings and two Yellow Browed Warblers.



And with a Tree Sparrow

And finally, Yellow Browed Warbler