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Monday, 11 September 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 10th September 2017

Gannet Life!

My call to the cliffs today was met with mixed weather, sunny spells, light rain showers and a moderate, cool SW wind increasing in strength through the day. So, what was about?

Today's Sightings

I decided to walk the cliffs to Jubilee Corner viewing platform, which was nicely sheltered from the autumnal weather and spent more time than planned here! The ledges held mainly Gannets, some with Gugas of varying development, some ready to fledge, with others probably needing several more weeks before their turn comes. Recently fledged Guga's could be seen on the sea, strengthening their wings. Hundreds of hirundines (Swalows and House Martins) buzzed around the viewpoint, some only inches above my head! Later in the day, two (late) Sand Martins were seen from Bartlett Nab viewpoint. At Jubilee Corner, a Peregrine was seen regularly but stayed over Buckton Cliffs.
A Guga sporting a traditional hairstyle!

Domestic chores! I've raised my Guga which has fledged the nest, so a bit of tidying before next year!

A probable 4yr Gannet perusing the cliffs

Keeping myself in a healthy state - Gannet ablutions!

I've seen mature Gannets collecting vegetation, I'm not sure why, but I'll copy them to look good!
Year 4 Gannet

Sky pointing indicating about to fly

Gannet keep fit! Yoga! Look to the left and look to the right and bend!

Mutual preening

A gift of love!

Up close!

I'm off out, don't wait up for me!

Herring Gulls. I recently heard them referred to as "Marmite" Gulls!

You either love them or hate them!


Mike Attwood said...

Right lot of little posers Frank. They look as though they know what a camera is.

Kevin Groocock said...

They should know a camera, they get enough of them pointing at them!