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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Greenish Warbler, RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 30th August 2017

A great start to the Autumn when a Greenish Warbler was found yesterday at RSPB Bempton Cliffs! Unable to get until this morning, I was pleased to find the bird still favouring the bushes along the nature trail. It was becoming illusive, showing only briefly, but calling well. The song has also been heard! I feel really chuffed at adding this vagrant to my life list! I am just as chuffed to manage a few record shots in very poor light conditions!

Sunday, 27 August 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 27th August 2017

OL Blue Eyes!

A taste of summer greeted us on the cliffs this morning with blue skies, warm sunshine, light wind and a gradual build up of variable cloud cover. It was great to be outside! Unfortunately for me, I could only spend the morning on the cliffs today. Today was also a "Bioblitz" day, where every creature that moved (or otherwise) was recorded - I'm sure the results we be exciting!

Walking down to the cliff viewpoints hundreds of Goldfinches sparkled in the sunshine as they obtained seeds from the grassland plants. Swallows along the cliff top rested on the fences with many juveniles swelling the numbers.

The cliffs echoed with the sound of the Gannets and their Gugas, with Fulmars, Herring Gulls and Shags still present, but Kittiwake numbers have reduced again. On the sea, several Bonxies (Great Skuas) scavenged on dead birds.

Gannets are still collecting vegetation as a gift for their beloved that will be graciously received before finding its way into the nest.

Very occasionally, you can get very up close and personal with the seabirds. Today, a stranded Gannet just over the fence from the coastal path was unable to get back onto the cliff due to thick vegetation. Unsure if it was injured, I called for assistance from colleagues. When I approached the Gannet, it refused to move, but when the team arrived, it thought better of a large box and blanket and ploughed its way through the vegetation and took flight without issues!

Up close and personal!

Locking Bills!

But Mum, its the fashion, all my friends dress like this!

Gannet with soon to fledge Guga

Should I stay or should I go?

Juvenile Fulmar thriving well

I have great respect for the sea and for those who work closely with it. I have utmost respect for the volunteer lifeboat crews who are always ready and willing to respond to life & death incidents. To achieve this, training is essential and lifeboat crews are regularly seen below the cliffs. Here the Filey lifeboat (RNLI Keep Fit Association) undertakes training.

Follow that Gannet!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bempton Circuit - 26th August 2017

Gannets with Guga

It is really special having so many habitats accessible within minutes of leaving the house! One such enjoyable walk is the "Bempton circuit", a c4mile circular route starting (for me) from Bempton village, through Buckton to Buckton Pond, up Hoddy Cows Lane to Buckton Cliffs, along Bempton Cliffs and returning to Bempton village down Cliff Lane.

The wires in Buckton village were full of Swallows - soon to leave the UK.

Buckton pond was quiet and the under construction wader scrape equally so!

Hoddy Cows Lane had numerous finches and other passerines, most flitting too quickly for images but I did manage a "Mr & Mrs" Yellowhammer.

Dramatic sky over Buckton Cliffs

Looking back from Buckton Cliffs

Once on Bempton Cliffs, the Gannets always manage to take over your mind and camera!

Doting Parents!

"Now look son, your mother and I are thinking it's about time you made your own way in life"!

"Mum, Dad, I love you both!"

"Mum, Dad, I love you both!"

Home alone! "Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat?"!




And Herring Gull

Is this my best side?

Between a rock and a hard place!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A "Watching Paint Dry" hour at Thornwick Pool!

"Me and my shadow!"

I headed out to Thornwick Pool, Flamborough this morning with high hopes of some good birds. I think the term "watching paint dry" would sum up my experience! I stayed an hour, hoping that something would drop in - but it didn't! Even the Dunlin had cleared off just before my arrival! These three Teal just about sum up the excitement -

But then........................we had movement!

And then, normality was restored!

I was beside myself when this Moorhen walked towards me!

And almost "orgasmic" when a Kestrel appeared!

After an hour, I needed to go home and lay down in a dark room, with a cold compress, I was so excited!

Being a procrastinator, there is always manana!