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Sunday, 19 March 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

My gut feeling is that the Gannet on the right is female!

My call to the cliffs started well enough, weather-wise, although dull it was very mild with no rain forecast. Ha Ha! By the time the visitor centre was open, the rain (that wasn't forecast!) was falling heavily and determined to soak me without mercy! Even with "waterproofs", I ended up wetter than a wet thing on a wet Sunday! As if attempting to cheer me up a clump of daffodils brightened my morning!

I decided to walk out to the Staple Newk viewpoint where I was entertained by the many Gannets. It was a day for gathering materials destined as B&Q style enhancements for the Gannets nests.

Some collections needed a lot of physical effort!

Some wanted more "exotic" items!

Some got it wrong and were admonished without mercy!

Others, just looked on!

Staple Newk

The rain eased during the afternoon with a few bright spells so I spent some time on Bartlett Nab viewpoint and was privileged to view two Peregrines, one of which was carrying a very sparse packed lunch!

Pied Wagtail during a rare sunny spell!

Todays Sightings

Omitted from the list was a Red Throated Diver below Bartlett Nab.

And finally, we hope it will never have to be used in anger, but we are ready, willing and able! AED at RSPB Bempton Cliffs.

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