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Sunday, 21 August 2016

RSPB Bempton Cliffs


The weather forecast for this weekend was rather inclement, but as usual, it was wrong for Bempton and much more pleasant and sunny days were had! The wind was still very blustery but at least it was warm! Unfortunately, I could only spend the morning on the cliffs again.

A quick look at Bartlett Nab produced a bird I did not expect to see on the cliffs - a juvenile Dunlin!

I did not expect to see the Gannet family that I am following near Bartlett Nab as the Guga must be c13wks and ready to depart the ledges. However, it was still present, looking very strong and healthy, and probably the last time I will enjoy seeing it.

Nearby, the young Guga of the new breeding pair also looks very healthy, but parent looks worn out!

Gannets in flight

A gift for my beloved!

A good number of Fulmar around the cliffs challenged me to take birds in flight images. Still work in progress!

Trick of light or differing leg colouration?

And finally, Herring Gull

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