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Monday, 8 August 2016

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 7th August 2016

Guillemot - possibly one of the last!

Today on the cliffs was very pleasant with warm sunshine but a very challenging north westerly blow. As expected, very few Auks were left on the cliffs but Puffin and Guillemot were seen on the sea and in flight. There are quite a few gaps on the ledges now but Kittiwakes, Gannets and Fulmar are still present in good numbers, with chicks still of varying ages.

My day started with a visit to the Gannet family that I am following, the chick (Gugas) is looking very healthy and is now c11/12wks of age. I wonder how much longer it will be present before an empty space is created? They normally depart to the sea at c13wks.

New Gannets on the Block! These first time breeders are new to the ledges and have a chick (Gugas) that is c3wks of age.

A good number of Fulmar were on the wing giving me the opportunity to practice "birds in flight". Work in progress I think!


Juvenile Kittiwake

Adult Kittiwake

Gannet in flight

Herring Gull in flight

Great Skua

Grey Seal

With lunch!

Painted Lady Butterfly

From Bartlett Nab

From Grandstand


Wendy Bartter said...

You have been busy Kevin! Flight shots are great & really help us to ID these birds! Thank you for lovely update!

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you Wendy. Birds in flight are a challenge and I need to work on them!