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Saturday, 23 July 2016

A Quiet Hour at Thornwick Pool, Flamborough - 22nd July 2016


A quiet hour this afternoon at Thornwick Pool enabled me to tick my first Knot of the year and great to see the (fading) summer plumage. It was also good to just sit and observe (and photograph!) the expected birds. A learning curve was also encountered - check camera settings! These images were taken with an offset focusing point when I thought it was on the centre focusing point!


Common Sandpiper


I may be small but I can make large ripples!2

Coot Support


This adult was intent on trying to kill this young bird! It picked it up and through it around every time it returned to feed the other chicks!

Herring Gull

Pied Wagtail Ablutions!


? White Wagtail ??

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