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Sunday, 12 June 2016

What a "Grey" Day!

This Pheasant sums up our start to today on the cliffs!

I knew as soon as I opened the curtains this morning in Bempton that the cliffs would be challenging today! The sea fret was well established and stubbornly refused to budge! The weather did improve though - the early rain abated, which no doubt helped! Still, we cannot do anything about the weather, so it was a case of making the best of it! Visitors arrived, saw (just) the birds (especially Puffins) and went away happy!

It certainly was "grey"!

So, lets try and cheer things up a little and add some colour!

The ruins of the RAF Bempton listening station became very atmospheric (or should that be eerie?)

The visitors understood the challenging conditions and were rewarded with views of all their favourite birds! They went away content!

Gorillas Gannets in the Mist!