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Sunday, 15 May 2016

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - Grandstand


Another great day volunteering on the cliffs, spending eight hours on the Grandstand viewpoint. The weather was sunny but with a nagging northerly blow that soon cooled those lulled into t-shirt and shorts! A minor slippage of mud below grandstand was like a Kittiwake B&Q with birds collecting mud and grass for DIY improvements on their nests! Seeing the Kittiwakes paddling about in the mud reminded me of an occasion some years ago before I retired from the ambulance service when I was called to treat an unconscious naked female mud wrestler at a pub of ill repute! Couldn't resist a few Guillemot images as well that I think sum up nicely "Life on the Edge" at this fantastic location.


Flight of the Kittiwakes

Life on the Edge - Guillemots


Bryan Downes said...

Hi Kevin, Thanks for showing these, and great to see. I was at Bempton Cliffs late April last year and enjoyed a few hours. My wife was unable to come with me but should be able to at least watch me from the RSPB centre this year and have short stays at the cliffs. So my question is please? "Are the Puffins in residence?" I had a few on camera which were my first seen in the flesh. Getting old I have downsized to an Olympus E-M1 with largest lens being their 75-300 II which on the M1 is a 150-600mm (in 35mm convert) My best attempts are linked with flickr below.

Watching for a good day outside of medical visits to enjoy the breeze. We live in Beeston, Nottingham so I need to plan for the weather as best I can.

Many thanks


catislandexchange said...

Ditto here, Kevin and Bryan. I am visiting North Yorkshire now through the summer and would love to see Puffins. I'm over in Harrogate, so I wanted to plan a visit to the cliffs. If I can find out when the Puffins are there, I would be thrilled.
Thank you for the blog,

Maria said...

Hello from Bempton Cliffs - yes, the puffins are with us. They usually stay until around mid-July so still plenty of time to catch a glimpse.

The latest updates are on our Facebook page: RSPB North Yorks and East Riding.

Look forward to seeing you on the cliff tops.

Bryan Downes said...

Maria, many thanks for the update and we look forward to maybe meeting you at the cliffs. Also of course your residents, next week :-)

Kind regards