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Sunday, 6 March 2016

RSPB Bempton Cliffs


Spent a good seven hours on the cliffs at RSPB Bempton, in the company of new volunteer Chris, meeting and greeting all who braved today's weather. To be honest, this morning wasn't too bad, sunny with a rather challenging blow! This afternoon was more challenging with wintry showers turning into large flakes of snow. When not interacting with our visitors braving the condition, I had a go at photographing birds in flight. I am never quick enough to get crisp images, so certainly need practice and what a better place than Bempton Cliffs! The Auks have gone back out to sea leaving Gannets and Fulmar on the cliffs. Increasing numbers of Kittiwakes have been out on the sea, with four on the cliffs first thing this morning.


Love on the Ledge!

A seal appeared close to the base of the cliffs together with a number of gulls. Interestingly, the seal appeared to rear up out of the water as if trying to catch one of the gulls. So, was it protecting a meal or trying to obtain fast food?

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Mike Attwood said...

Lucky ole you having gannets on your doorstep, er' cliffs.