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Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Gannet Fairy Tale! RSPB Bempton Cliffs, Bartlett Nab.

Once upon a time, a Gannet arrived on a ledge below Bartlett Nab on the RSPB Bempton Cliffs. The Gannet remained alone on the ledge for at least a week, waiting and hoping that her lifelong partner would arrive soon. Leaving the ledge only to feed but returning to look longingly at the nearby Gannets who had already greeted their partners. The lonely Gannet watched helplessly as a fellow Gannet was being devoured on the sea, hoping it was not her soul-mate.

Late in the day, he arrived! They had not met since raising young last year and departing their separate ways to spend the winter without each other. On his arrival, they greeted each other vocally and actively rubbing heads, necks and bills.

After the emotional reunion, Mr took to the air and disappeared below the cliffs. Was this the end? NO! After about ten minutes, Mr arrived back at the ledge, and with very little [foreplay], mounted Mrs in what perhaps should have, perhaps, been a private moment!

In a little while, Mr departed out to sea, leaving Mrs to fluff her feathers and wonder if the earth had moved! Mr returned later with a gift for his beloved, that was gratefully received and found its way onto this years nest as an enhancement!

Normal fairy tales usually end with the words "happily ever after"! Time will tell and I shall continue to observe the outcome of this happy event!

Sorry, but I am not very good a writing fairy tales!!!


Mark Coates said...

I was the chap next to you

Heather Groocock said...

Come and see me again, Mark, I'm in every Sunday.