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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Around Scarborough


This afternoon we decided to explore some birding spots around Scarborough, the aim being to increase our year ticks and [hopefully] get some good images! We started off at Holbeck in order to get Heather onto the Mediterranean Gulls. Yesterday, I had a dapper summer plumaged Med Gull, but today we had to be satisfied with a second winter! Most of the Gulls seemed to be down on the shore.

It was now off to the Forge Valley near East Ayton, where I had been advised, a feeding station had been set up. Following the directions obtained from a local birder, we found a small car park with feeders. The light was appalling and ISO 1600 was needed! We were also hindered by Symphony (Ginger Beast) who demanded attention and didn't appreciate being tied to the fence! Most of my images have been deleted with motion blur but a few common ones may be acceptable! Year ticks of Marsh Tit and Nuthatch were pleasing. It was only later that I learned we were not at the main feeding station, which is further along the road! That will serve another day!


Marsh Tit



I have promised Heather use of my Canon 100-400mm lens so I expect a lot of competition. I may even have to retire or take a back seat!!

Next stop - Scalby Mills!

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Mike Attwood said...

That last caption could be a big mistake Kevin!!!