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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Summer Leys LNR (Northants)

Heather and Symphony's first visit to one of my favourite reserves at Summer Leys, Northants. Indeed, it was Symphony's first taste of birding and what a well behaved dog she was. The lure today was touching base with the Great White Egrets frequenting the area - a year tick for myself and Heather and a life tick for Symphony! Unfortunately, the promised sunshine did not arrive until it was time to go home!

Great White Egret (Typical View!)

While watching the distant Egret, I noticed a Great Crested Grebe comically waddling onto a spit without the grace and dignity shown on the water!

Great Crested Grebe

You put your right leg in....

You put your left leg out...

Courtship was very active in many of the species on and off the water, but watching a pair of Shoveler thoughts turned to "not tonight duck - I've got a headache!"






The Feeding Station

Bullfinch (m)

Bullfinch (m)

Angry Bird - Greenfinch (m)

Bullfinch (f) with Greenfinch (m)

The final point to ponder is - Did the Great White Egret show any better?


Bernard Dodd said...

As ever some absolutely wonderful photos, Thanks for let us share these photos withyou. Bernard.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you, Bernard - my pleasure.

Phil at Kettering said...

You will not get much better views or shots of the Great White than you had that day. Congratulations!

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you Phil. Right time and right place!