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Monday, 28 October 2013

Hoopoe - Brickhill Fisheries, Eydon, Northants

Having managed two year ticks in Northamptonshire yesterday, I was disappointed when I arrived home to hear that a Hoopoe was showing well at the Brickhill Fisheries, Eydon, Northants. With the dreadful weather forecast for last night and today, I had little hope of touching base with the bird. However, when it was reported, I was off! Arriving on site, I could not see the bird - primarily because I was looking distant, and the bird was less than 10yards away! It was also good to meet the very pleasant chap who owns the fisheries and he showed real delight in having such a star bird on his land.


Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Good Morning - Great Grey and (two) Great Whites!

Great Grey Shrike

Reports of a Great Grey Shrike at one of my favourite haunts - Harrington Airfield, Northants, had me arriving at first light to walk to the ruined bunkers. A few other birders arrived and a search was undertaken for what was to prove a very mobile bird! Eventually it was spotted in the bushes on the memorial side of bunker 2. I was very lucky, the bird landed in a bush close to my watchpoint!

Harrington Airfield saw wartime service with the Carpet Baggers Squadron and later as a cold war missile base for Thor missiles. The following link gives a good history of the site:

History of Harrington Airfield

Great Grey Shrike

Leaving Harrington rather satisfied, I headed down to Pitsford Reservoir. Two main reasons, one to renew my permit and the other to touch base with the two Great White Egrets. I could not see any signs from the causeway so decided to enter the reserve and walk to the feeding station. Scanning from here, I could see one of the Egrets feeding in front of the Scaldwell hides. I have to say that I was like a sprinter in my urgency to get to the hide! The difference was obvious - pace was slow, no lycra and no large, swinging gonads! However, I arrived very hot and sweaty and was treated to one of the Egrets close to the hide. The second Egret also put in an appearance before both flew towards Holcot. Unfortunately, the light was in my face making images difficult.

Great White Egret

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Heathers Take on Norfolk in Autumn - 7th - 10th October 2013

The images on this page are all attributed to my wife, Heather, who went on walkabout with the macro during our recent break in Norfolk. I am well impressed!