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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Common Tern and a Dunlin @ Draycote Water

Adult Common Tern

Really nice to see Common Tern at reasonably close quarters at Draycote Water this morning. Arriving early, I had to wait for the gates to open and an early mist soon cleared. My plan was to walk to Toft and back as my first "full gear" trip for several weeks. It was also my first visit to Draycote for many months and I was intrigued to see the "new" garden patch in Toft!. I had to smile in Toft as the fishermen had arrived and the sound of the boats engines drew my attention back towards Farborough Spit, where they appeared like a scene of the little boats in the film Dunkirk! Apparently, Toft must have been the boat fishermens hot spot because at least nine boats arrived. I'm sure that when they leave the jetty, they are told to head towards any bird watchers!

Adult Common Tern

Juvenile Common Tern


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