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Friday, 17 May 2013

Potential Threat at Napton on the Hill

I have just learned that a potential threat to land through building could occur near the church at Napton on the Hill. This could have a disastrous effect on wildlife that frequents this idyllic and peaceful site. I append below a copy of an e-mail received and a link to the planning application.

Also, when I checked the applications, there is also an application to develop the old brick works.

We are contacting you because you are a keen bird watcher who frequently comes to Napton.

You may not be aware that an application to develop land adjacent to Church Lane has been made that many of us feel will adversely affect the amenity value of the land on the hill.

The application is for one two-bedroom bungalow, but the adjacent plots (owned exclusively by builders) are much bigger and if a precedent is set we could end up with several hundred new houses next to the church.

The application was made rather stealthily (no mention in the parish magazine) and we were lucky to spot the site planning notice before it was removed. We had just enough time to raise a petition and make representation to the district council planner dealing with the matter.

We have met a representative of the Council for the Protection of Rural England and believe that CPRE will object to the application, he suggested that the RSPB would also want to stop the application proceding.

We ask you to look at application 13/00517/FUL on the stratford website ( and, if you agree, to put the objections relevant to bird watchers.

Could you also suggest someone at the RSPB whom we should contact?

Thank you.


holdingmoments said...

Bad news indeed Kevin.
Sadly, this government is on the side of 'developers' and see 'wildlife' as a hindrance to profit.

douglas mcfarlane said...

I fear this might go ahead, as Keith mentiones the planning rules have been tilted in the developers favour. There is a way round it, possibly, if the houses are very close to the church and the church oppose the plans the church could apply "glebe" fees to the house/s, meaning anyone moving to the houses can be forced to pay for repairs to the church, BUT only if it fall within the glebe of the church...might be worth considering.

Kevin Groocock said...

Not good news but we all know which way this will go (eventually).

Jason K said...

Hi Kevin. Just read about the news on Keith's blog. Worrying news indeed. Let me know if there is anything I can do to etc

Having fought a similar campaign on my patch at Shenstone I would also recommend contacting the Warwickshire wildlife Trust and West Mids Bird Club and highlight the species of bird that maybe affected...especially if there are any Red/Amber listed species.