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Friday, 10 May 2013

Can it get any worse............................?

You will be aware, from my previous post, that I have suffered an injury at work that has (hopefully) temporarily suspended my normal activities.

Yesterday, I was due at the doctors for my diabetic retinopathy checks so I arranged to see the GP prior to my checks to arrange a sick note as I'm still in pain, unable to drive and unable to carry out my normal duties. These combined issues = MEGA frustration! It also meant I was in the surgery for most of the morning, trying to avoid eye contact with patients that I have previously treated for various afflictions!

The GP consultation was swift, resulting in more pain relief and a sick note for two weeks. How will I cope with this? I may need physiotherapy but it is too early to start yet.

When I booked in for my diabetic checks, I was handed a folded piece of paper to read, which I thought was going to be a questionnaire. How wrong could I be? It was an information sheet about diabetes and erectile dysfunction! A note suggested that the subject would be "raised" when I see the nurse and not to be offended! Me offended? When I was called in to see the nurse, she asked if I had received and read the information sheet.........! Oh yes, the one asking if I could get it up or not? No problems there, would you like me to demonstrate? She blushed!

Well I passed my checks and now have to do the routine blood and urine checks. Now for the retinopathy check. Tropicamide 1% was placed in each eye, stinging and dilating my pupils. When called to the test, the bright sunlight was painful and blinding and as I was walking to the van, my leg gave way causing me to stumble! At least no one called an ambulance. It would have been difficult explaining a scruffy appearance, mobility problems and dilated pupils!

Enough rambling! I have to say that I make a very difficult patient!


Mike Attwood said...

I've sat in the back of many an ambulance listening to the stories of ones afflictions and injuries Kevin, but I must say that one takes the biscuit. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

you can look forward to having a mini mental test for dementia next time, new qof goals, so remember your 3 words well and practice drawing your clockface which is to distract you from the 3 words. if you fail automatic referral to psychs. on the bright side if you do get ED you can get your viagra for free


Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Mike! Where did you work?

Kevin Groocock said...

Thanks Jackie! I'll book the psychs now!!