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Monday, 11 March 2013

Black Redstart at Draycote Water

A late visit this morning to Draycote Water (after dog school!) to try and get Black Redstart on my 2013 list. The day was one that was destined to blow away the cobwebs as I made my way towards the outlet area, the birds favourite (temporary) residence. On my arrival, the bird was showing on the rocks with Bob H, Tim M, Bob D and Steve B already observing it. They informed me of a Glaucous Gull "somewhere" on the water but it failed to show while I was there. The morning remained seasonally fresh with occasional snow flurries and I expected Max S to appear, dressed for a polar exploration, but no, he probably had more sense! The Black Redstart allowed me a few record shots before the fresh winds drove us all back to the car park.


ShySongbird said...

Some great shots there Kevin. I'm very envious as I tried when there was one there in 2011 but without success. You deserved to find it just for braving that vicious cold wind which I know is always particularly severe at Draycote.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thanks Jan. Unfortunately, I did not find the bird as I could not get for several days! A good local bird. Hope you are keeping well.