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Friday, 2 December 2011

Return to a field in Northamptonshire.

It seems like ages since I was out birding due to work getting in the way and rather dismal weather. Today the weather forecast predicted a cool but sunny day, so I headed over to Hanging Houghton in the hope of improving my images of the Short Eared Owls. I joined the growing hordes down the rather muddy approach road and waited for the Owls to appear. The sun shone but the wind provided a seasonally fresh feel. Did the Owls show in the sunshine -NO! They waited until the light faded before showing but numbered around eight. Rather than getting the crisp, bright images I had hoped for, I again had to make do with rather noisy ones as my auto ISO ran riot!


Max Silverman said...

Nice shots Kevin of these cracking birds.I had the same trouble with the ones at Dostill when it was dull they showed but when it was bright no show.They do not like bright weather.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Max. The site is getting very popular now. At one point the camera fire sounded like at WW1 battle!