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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Purple Sandpiper at Draycote Water!

The 2nd Island appears!

I was in two minds this morning as to whether to go out and where I should go. My choice was Draycote and when I arrived, I thought I should have stayed in bed! The light was apalling and visibility was very poor. I walked to the Farborough Spit with little motivation! On arrival I could see a wader on the shoreline that was far too dumpy to be a Dunlin. It had to be a Purple Sandpiper! An inland Purple Sandpiper is good, at Draycote it is a mega! Only my second bird - both being at Draycote. Bob Hazell soon joined me and we enjoyed the bird but were very frustrated at the poor light which required ISO 1600 on my camera! While watching the bird, I put out group texts to local birders and RBA but, unfortunately, the bird flew across to the west shore and was not relocated. While watching, a Red Brested Merganser (with a deformed bill) swam in, but soon became very mobile around the water with disturbance from the fishertwats. Farborough Bank also held six female and one male Goosander and a Rock Pipit. The Purple Sandpiper was last seen flying towards the inlet but a thorough search drew a blank. Checking the outlet produced a solitary Redshank and at least thirteen Dunlin. A good but gloomy morning!

I wonder what plans Severn Trent have regarding the very low water levels. Without significant rain / snow in the next three months, Spring looks dire.

Below are some record shots from today. I did my best but my camera does not like anything above ISO 400 so ISO 1600 was never really going to work!

Purple Sandpiper

Red Breasted Merganser

(Note the deformed bill!)




Todays Sightings:

Jackdaw; Black Headed Gull; Carrion Crow; Wood Pigeon; Starling; Chaffinch; Great Tit; Cormorant; Great Crested Grebe; Coot; Pied Wagtail; Grey Heron; Mallard; LBB Gull; Canada Goose; Tufted Duck; Goosander; Grey Lag Goose; Linnet; Meadow Pipit; Lapwing; Teal; Purple Sandpiper; Red Breasted Merganser; Rook; Rock Pipit; Redshank; Dunlin; Wigeon; Dabchick; Magpie; Green Woodpecker; Common Gull; Wren; Dunnock; Blue Tit; Robin; Skylark; GBB Gull; Long Tailed Tit.


Midlandsbirder said...

Dont put yourself down Kev.
Your shots are still great considering the conditions, you dont need a 'Perfect shot' every time!

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Craig, appreciated! Just wanted some "crisp" ones as only two people saw the Purple Sand.

Mike Attwood said...

No wonder Im not getting anything on my patch everyone else seems to have it.

Kevin Groocock said...

It may be on its way as it appears to have gone!

Max Silverman said...

Excellent find Kevin.I as usual arrived too late and only saw the Brent Geese and nothing else.It was very gloomy as you say.

Kevin Groocock said...

Cheers Max. Even gloomier today with nothing spectacular.