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Monday, 22 August 2011

Bath - a city break with some good birding!

Hoping for divine intervention (especially good birds!)

My daughter, Abigail, was attending a weeks course with the Royal School of  Choral Music in Bath, so a week in the area was a welcom & different break. It was not specifically planned as a birding holiday, but needs must...............!

Time was taken to explore the City of Bath (in between birding!). I had decided to try and take some "candid" images and general "touristy" images, BUT how hard that was. Give me fur and feather any day!

An unexpected pig outside the Abbey!

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

Street Entertainment

RSCM Choir Procession

The RSCM Choir


Well, thats the non-birding parts of the week! Come back soon for my birding encounters.

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