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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Greenshank Debacle!!!

An interesting hour at lunchtime in the company of some good birders looking at a Greenshank which was originally believed to be a Greater Yellowlegs. The atmosphere was good but very little debate about the birds true ID was heard. EVERYONE WANTED to see a Greater Yellowlegs and misidentification was not considered until the afternoon, when a large number of birders had left, confident of a life tick mega! The views were poor, the light was poor, the bird was distant. I left believing I had seen a mega! I had some doubts though when I saw my poor quality record shots and had a look at Collins! In my profession we call being drawn into situations without thinking as "red mist". However, lets all have a good laugh at our mistake, ourselves and each other and then move on.

For some reason the youthful enthusiasm of Craig (Midlandsbirder) placed a link to my blog report and record images on the birdforum discussion thread (without my permission - naughty boy!). Incredably, this has increased my hits dramatically!

Cest la vie - I suppose!


Mike Attwood said...

Never mind Frank you got something out of it.

Kevin Groocock said...


Anonymous said...

You could at least put a link to my blog :P

Kevin Groocock said...

I thought I had but on checking I have not! It will be rectified and you will be included. My comments above are "tongue in cheek"!