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Sunday, 5 June 2011

An Apology!

Yet again, my heavy handed fingers caused me to delete my LINKS. I have tried to put them all back, BUT if I have missed you, please do not be offended, just let me know and I will re-link. Cheers.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Kevin, I have just caught up with all your travels, you have been gadding around :) Lovely photos, all of them but my favourites have to be the Puffins, what cracking little birds they are, I have always liked them.

Also well done on the Hoopoe!

My sidebar has a rather amusing photo of you with a gull on your head but the post doesn't seem to exist, maybe you deleted that by mistake too ;)

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi ShySongbird - thanks for your comment. I agree, Puffins are superb especially when they are only a few feet away! The Hoopoe was a worthy bonus. Not quite sure wahat is happening at the moment as my computer is adopting a mind of its own! Or maybe I am losing the plot!