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Monday, 8 January 2018

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 7th January 2018


A glorious January day dawned with a fantastic sunrise, followed by blue skies and sunshine but a niggling cool north easterly blow did its best to remind us this is winter!

So, what is about at the moment?

While watching the Tree Sparrows and various Finches around the feeding station, a Weasel patrolled through the vegetation, always a delight to see but so quick thus avoiding my camera lens!

The Tree Sparrow colony is very active, with evidence of intended nest building!

The cliffs today were really spectacular! Their shear splendour is a delight on its own, but as you approach, the loud guttural calls of Guillemots echo along their length! Today, there were thousands - on the ledges, in flight and in rafts on the sea!

"Bridled" Guillemot

With so many Guillemots on the ledges, it is not surprising that neighbourly squabbles break out!

You cannot tell the difference between male and female Guillemots but this Bridled Guillemot is definitely a female!

"Intimate" observation gives it all away!

That itch that only someone close can help you out with!

Many Fulmars are now established back on the cliffs, delighting with their flight skills, especially when "hanging" in the wind!

Great Black Backed Gull


David Gascoigne said...

Great series of images. I have never made it to Bempton Cliffs but I swear that if ever I am back in the UK I will make it a point to go there.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you David. Bempton is at its best between mid April and end of July.