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Sunday, 9 July 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs, New Lives on the Ledges - 9th July 2017

Herring Gull Family

My call to the cliffs was short lived today as I could only stay until lunch time - boo! Sunshine, blue skies and light wind ensured warm temperatures but cloud was due to increase during the afternoon. The auk breeding season is drawing to a close, with many of the auks already heading out to sea. However, there are many visible young birds at close quarters still wowing visitors. New lives on the cliffs forms the basis of this blog post. Todays wildlife sightings can be found at the end of this blog post.

A Puffin was observed gathering vegetation above Bartlett Nab viewpoint. I'm sure this was not to make a nest but more likely to replace soiled nesting material in its tunnel. Tunnel work is never ending!

To see a young Puffin (Puffling) is not a common occurrence! This morning, the Puffling in the nest near Grandstand viewpoint made a brief appearance in the entrance but obviously did not like what it saw as it soon went back in!

Puffling feet!

Guillemot young are known as Jumplings due to the fact that when they attain the age of 3weeks they leap into the sea and are joined by the male bird who will stay with the Jumpling until it fledges from the water.

Look at me, I'm a big brave Guillemot Jumpling!

Oh no! You don't mean I've got to jump down there? It must be c400ft!

No, it's too high, I can't do it!

Dad! Dad! Please tell me I don't have to jump

Now son, be brave, it's what us Guillemots do. You'll be alright, and I'll be coming with you and we can do it after dusk so no one will see!

Razorbill with Jumpling

Kittiwake "Tarrocks"

Gannets with "Gugas"

Panting in the heat

A "coven" of Herring Gull Chicks!

Along the way................

(male) Linnet

Eyes in the back of my head!

Spectacular Sea Bird City!

Unidentified! You never know what might fly in at Bempton!

And finally, today's sightings!


Mike Attwood said...

Hi Kevin, Glad you have got something to photograph even though it is of the mechanical kind.

al said...

hi kev. i was up there friday night and witnessed a crow take a young kittiwake :(. must admit i was upset.
is it a regular occurence?

Kevin Groocock said...

Mike, you just don't know what will turn up!

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Al, unfortunately nature can be cruel and predation by birds such as Herring Gulls and Crows is a common occurrence. I recently watched a Herring Gull attempting to kill an adult Kittiwake by constricting it's neck for over 20 minutes before (luckily) the Kittiwake broke free. Crows and Gulls will take unattended eggs from the ledges as they will young birds. Interestingly, the Crows have been observed tugging the tails of the Auks in order to expose the egg! I observed a Crow actually grab the tail of a Razorbill and throw it off the ledge in order to steal the egg! Nature in the raw!