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Monday, 3 July 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 2nd July 2017

"This is my best side!"

My call to the cliffs this morning had the promise of another pleasant day with sunshine, blue skies, intermittent cloud but a challenging westerly blow, particularly on the viewpoints. I headed down to Grandstand to check on the Puffin nest and was horrified to see that the tunnel entrance had two Herring Gulls engaged in watchful waiting. One flew off but the other remained. The Herring Gull was attempting to gain access to the nest area with the adult Puffin just visible

Eventually, the Herring Gull moved back from the entrance leaving the Puffin to check if all was clear, looking left and right! However, there is a clue as to where the Herring Gull is in the top right of these images!

Thinking all is clear, the Puffins comes into the open and is grabbed by the Herring Gull but as this image shows, luck is with the Puffin as it breaks clear!

The Puffin made several attempts to get back to the nest tunnel but was thwarted by the Gull's presence. Eventually, calm was restored and the Gull departed, but similar encounters were reported by a colleague throughout the day.

Today's Puffins!

Me and my shadow!

"Does my bum look big in this?"

A Random Linnet!

"Tarrocks" (Kittiwake young)

Gannet with Guga

Another random Linnet!

"I can't stand living next to a Razorbill any longer!"

Guillemots with Jumpling

And finally, today's sightings

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