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Monday, 17 July 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 16th July 2017

Guillemots with "Jumpling"

My call to the cliffs this morning was quite a wake up with cool drizzle lasting about an hour, but then the sun came out, the temperatures rose and another brilliant summers day was enjoyed by all! It is noticeable that the Razorbill and Guillemot numbers are reducing as they return to the sea but some young birds (Jumplings) can still be seen (above). In the image above an egg can still be seen, most likely to be sterile.

Bridled Guillemots are always a pleasure to see and this image shows a comparison between Bridled (2% of the Bempton Guillemots are bridled and this figure increases as you head north) and normal Guillemots.

The Kittiwake young (known as Tarrocks) are showing great variations of development from fully fledged birds to those still requiring the attention of their parents.

Here, a Tarrock stretches its wings with an adult bird to it's left, highlighting the differences.

The Gannets are still raising their young "Gugas"

But some Gugas have fallen from the cliffs, to be consumed by Great Black Backed Gulls! Sad but this is nature in the raw!

A random Linnet with random insects!

Puffins are still around in good numbers and should be with us until the end of July.

The Puffin nest at Grandstand viewpoint still has a very healthy looking Puffling that is being seen at the tunnel entrance at regular intervals. (Sorry no images today).

Razorbill stretch

Razorbill and Guillemot

Herring Gull trying to be inconspicuous!

Some Great News!

Hot off the press this week - The seabird city increases (Filey to Flamborough)!

From c250,000 to c 412,000 seabirds!

Gannet numbers have increased from 2550prs in 2000 to 13,400prs in 2017 (+425%)
Razorbill numbers have increased from 5700prs in 2000 to 19,000prs in 2017 (+230%)
Guillemot numbers have increased from 31,000prs in 2000 to 57,000prs in 2017 (+71%)
Kittiwake numbers have increased from 42,000prs in 2000 to 45,300prs in 2017 (+7%)
Puffin pairs for 2017 stand at c1440

This is great news and thanks must go to the dedicated team engaged in the seabird counts!

And finally Todays Sightings

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