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Friday, 9 June 2017

Early one morning.............

After a day of rain showers and challenging wind, I made a decision to get up to the cliffs (RSPB Bempton Cliffs) before sunrise! I arrived at 0400hrs and was immediately drawn to the moon in all its glory over the derelict RAF Bempton site. This was my first time at capturing the moon and well pleased despite "room for improvement"!

The sun was starting to make an appearance so I headed to Bartlett Nab viewpoint in the hope of grabbing a few some images:

It was interesting that even at 0400hrs, I was not alone on the cliffs with half a dozen photographers already wandering about or set up! Certainly better than listening to election results!

Most of the birds are on egg or with young, so "Welcome to this World" - you have a long struggle ahead of you!



Gannet tidying it's nest

And revealing it's chick (known as a Guga!)

Birds with chicks and eggs are candidates for predation by large gulls and corvids such as Carrion Crows. One such crow made it's way along the ledges at grandstand attempting to flush birds off eggs. It eventually tried it's luck with a Razorbill that allowed it's egg to become exposed.

The Carrion Crow had several attempts to take the egg with the Razorbills attempting to fight it off.

Eventually, the Razorbill managed to cover the egg with it's body. However, the Carrion Crow grabbed the tail of the Razorbill and threw it off the cliff (rag doll style) and stole the egg. Nature in the raw! The Razorbills will probably lay another egg. If only I was quick enough to capture the crow throwing the Razorbill!

Regarding nests, I'm sure this Guillemot is squatting! Unless of course it has evolved to make a nest rather than laying it's egg on the rock ledge! Well, I can dream, this early in the morning!

And finally, dare I say, Puffins!

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