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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Thornwick Pool, Flamborough

Redshank (one bird present)

Sometimes it is nice to leave the busyness of the cliffs and just sit and relax in a different environment and Thornwick Pool fits the bill! Although this morning was relatively quiet (birdwise) but you never know what might drop in, so it retains an element of excitement! In the couple of hours that I spent there, a few photographic opportunities presented themselves, although the excitement didn't materialise!

Young Coot are so ugly but retain a degree of cuteness!

Dunlin with Ringed Plover

I always thought that Dunlin's black bellies were black feathers. Now I know it is as a result of running through goose poo!

Dunlin (three birds present)

Little Ringed Plover (one bird present)

Ringed Plover (three birds present)

A Pied Wagtail dropped in

As did a Meadow Pipit

And the lingering female Wigeon


Also present were the Shelduck pair.

A "monster" fish! ?Carp?


Steve @centralbirder said...

Great recent blogs Kevin, we are up at Bridlington Friday - Sunday if you are on RSPB duty we'll drop by to say hello.

Where is Thornwick Pool think we may give it a try?

Best wishes


Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. I'll be on the cliffs Sunday all day so hope to touch base! Thornwick pool can be hit or miss but anything can drop it at any time. From Flamborough, follow the road towards North Landing but as you leave the village look for the left hand turn into the holiday camp. Follow the road towards the camp, past some strange coloured fountain pools, to where the road turns very sharp left. At this point, turn right into a car park (fishing. From car park, follow mowed grass paths towards the hide. Ignore the hide on the hilltop near big house. Hope this helps.