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Monday, 8 May 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - A "Puffintastic" Day! - 7th May 2017

Everyone loves a Puffin and these birds are usually at the top of the "must see" birds by visitors to the cliffs. The last few weeks have been challenging with Puffins preferring to be on the sea or hidden on the cliffs, with only brief glimpses of them in flight. Today, the tide turned! Puffins seemed to be everywhere and giving excellent views! At one point below Grandstand viewpoint, nine Puffins graced an exposed rocky outcrop! The nesting pair, below Grandstand, changed over incubation duties, giving excellent views of their egg. It does appear to be close to the entrance though and could be at risk of predation from Jackdaws. Let's hope not.

Is this how Puffins make their tunnels? Heeeave!

The strong northerly wind caused a great deal of hovering!

"Photobombed" by a Herring Gull"


Eskafeldian1uk said...

Simply stunning photos Kevin, thank you.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you.