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Monday, 15 May 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 14th May 2017

Herring Gull "The morning after the night before?"

My call to the cliffs this morning was delivered on a band of rain which lasted until c0900hrs whereby the day developed into a mild, pleasant sunny day. The "seabird city" is now well advanced delivering to all the three "S's" - Sight, sound and smell! All of the "Bempton 8" breeding seabirds were present, but one was playing hard to see - yes, the Puffin! There are no guarantees in nature and today the Puffins challenge us harshly with only one or two showing well.

Todays Sightings

Some of the Kittiwakes are now on eggs but many are still gathering mud and vegetation to supplement their nests.

The glorious Gannets continue to show well

This one reminds me of my school maths teacher!

A four year old Gannet looking for love!

Approximately 2% of the Guillemots at Bempton are Bridled.

The birds on the ledges have a similar hierarchy to the management structures stifling the human world. Unless you are on the top levels, you are likely to be sh*t on!

The sea has calmed dramatically and fishing boats are able to tend the lobster/crab pots below the cliffs. This boats name aptly describes RSPB Bempton Cliffs!

And finally, the "seabird city"!