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Friday, 19 May 2017

On the water below Bempton Cliffs!


What a fantastic morning with blue skies, sunshine and a flat calm sea! What could be better than a photographic boat trip below Bempton Cliffs? It was a "diving Gannets" trip, but you just have to capture the other seabirds as well! Now, I am not good on the sea and my memories still travel back to my mid teenage years when I embarked on a fishing trip from Great Yarmouth and spent the whole time "chumming" the fish with my vomit! The last thing I wanted was a repeat performance, so it was with some nervousness that I booked my place with Steve Race, Yorkshire Coast Nature - LINK. I need not have worried and we had an almost perfect trip! The movement of the boat took some getting used to, as did my canon 100-400 zoom lens which had not been out for well over 12months. I did my best taking over 800 images, but with blurred and missed shots I ended up with a workable 130images! My reactions have slowed tremendously but I did manage some fantastic images of sea water splashes!

This was my first time on the water below Bempton Cliffs and images from below, looking up can be seen here - LINK



Razorbills with Guillemots





pat commons said...

Great shots Kevin.did you have a preference for which lens to use being on a boat as im booked on the Yorkshire Bell on the 4th June for my first trip by sea to Bempton.Many thanks for your wonderful photos and blogs.

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Pat, thank you! My trip was on a small(ish) fishing boat and the birds come very close. It was billed as a diving gannets trip, but I've not got through those images yet! We were advised to use lenses with zoom such as the 100-400mm and even a 18-55mm as they come so close! I used the 100mm primarily. However, on the Yorkshire Belle you may need to use lenses to the full capacity. On my last trip I used my 400mm prime. This larger boat doesn't get in so close. Hope this helps?

pat commons said...

Thank you for your reply Kevin.i have a 18-55mm 75-300mm and just getting use to my newly acquired 150-600mm so i'll take the 3 lenses to hopefully cover all eventualities.Once again thank you for getting back to me and for the advice. I'm really looking forward to the trip.

Kevin Groocock said...

No worries Pat and I hope you enjoy your trip. The 150-600 will be a great lens for the trip.