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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Below Staple Newk, Bempton Cliffs.

Today dawned bright and sunny with blue skies - in contrast to yesterdays all day rain! The sea was flat and calm, which is just as well because today I had booked to go out with Steve Race (Yorkshire Coast Nature Link) on a diving Gannets boat trip. I have not had the opportunity to view the cliffs from the sea and was certainly well impressed! The geology below Staple Newk is rather special!


Flamblogger said...

Such a fascinating spot! I wish I could have been there with you. Those beautiful calm and sunny days are few and far between from my memories. It is absolutely my most favorite spot in the world especially when the day is like that one. I used to have a blog called Flamblogger but haven't posted there for a while. Just getting old and too many doctors' appointments - but if you're interested enough you can scroll back and see where I used to live etc.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you! I'll certainly have a look at your blog. I can fully understand why you enjoy this area. Happy memories.