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Sunday, 9 April 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 9th April 2017

"Ol' Blue Eyes"! Gannet

Todays call to the cliffs was loud and clear especially with the promise of wall to wall blue skies and sunshine! It also promised to be a very busy day on the reserve and it was great to meet and chat with many fantastic and enthusiastic visitors. Most visitors desperately wanted to see Puffins, but the Puffins had other ideas and challenged us to find them! Some lucky people had excellent (but brief)views , while others were only able to have brief flight views or distant sea views. Nature is so unpredictable!

All of the "Bempton 8" breeding birds could be seen although the visible Auk numbers were reduced(Gannet; Fulmar; Guillemot; Herring Gull; Razorbill; Kittiwake; Shag and Puffin). Of additional interest were several Swallows, Corn Buntings, a female Eider and Peregrine.

Puffins (playing hard to get!)

The Lookout!

Glorious Gannets!

A "gift" for my beloved!

Fight! Fight! Fight! Many of the Gannets squabble amongst themselves, especially over territory violations, with some of these escalating from the cliffs to the sea! 

"Sky pointing" by Gannets usually means take off from the cliffs is imminent!

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