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Monday, 3 April 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 2nd April 2017

male Snow Bunting

The cliffs called loud and clear this morning and after a grey, cool start, developed into a lovely, mild, sunny day. The birds were obligingly evident, wowing visitors and lifting everyone's spirits. The RSPB Seabird Centre is now open from 0830hrs in the morning until July but closes at 1700hrs.

A male Snow Bunting had been reported in the ploughed field near to Jubilee Corner viewpoint so this was my first port of call! Initially the bird could not be located, but patience paid off and it soon gave stonking views as it searched the furrows for food. Indeed, as it approached closer, I found the bird too close for my camera to focus!

Snow Bunting

The Puffins showed really well from all viewpoints, on the sea and in flight. The pair that nest very close to Grandstand viewpoint are back and have carried nest material of dry grass into the nest tunnel, as well as showing they are comfortable to be home!

Most people associate Herring Gulls as vicious rogues, always ready to attack you in order to steal your fish and chips! However, they are in steep decline and conservation wise are red listed. This pair of Herring Gulls are doing their best to bolster their numbers !

Kittiwakes are beautiful birds and can be seen very close to the viewpoints on their nests.

However, could this be Count Kittiwake Dracula?

And Streeeeeeeeeeetch! Razorbill

Razorbills lining up for "love bites" or Count Razorbill Dracula?

And, from above, Gannets

Today's Sightings

A random and totally unexpected question of the day "Do birds have penises?" Well it certainly beats "Where are the Puffins?" My answer of well some do but most birds mate by joining their cloacas in a “cloacal kiss”, with muscular contractions transferring the sperm from the male to female, was probably the reason for a hasty retreat!

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