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Monday, 17 April 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 16th April 2017

Irresistible Puffins! 

The cliffs called loudly again this morning but with a "chuckle" as a few "challenges" would be thrown at us and the birds! The morning was cool, bright and sunny but was destined to end with a challenging and prolonged downpour, soaking us all and making us wetter than a wet thing on a wet Sunday! Only the hardy remained on the cliffs (visitors and birds) after 3pm! There was not a lot of change, sightings wise, with the Puffins showing quite well (in small numbers) on the cliffs during the morning, but then challenging us to a game of hide and seek during the afternoon!

Today's Sightings

Irresistible Puffins!

Some people may remember the classic "Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks"? This morning we were treated to the "Puffins Ministry of Silly Stances!"You've just got to love them!

Gorgeous Gannets!

Getting aggravation from both ends!

Adding a recent "gift" of dry grass to the nest!




Nature in the raw........

This Kittiwake faced a life/death challenge below Bartlett Nab, being plucked from the sea by a juvenile Great Black Backed Gull. As would be expected, the Kittiwake lost this challenge.

I mentioned above about being wetter than a wet thing on a wet Sunday! Well, maybe this poor bird was wetter!

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