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Sunday, 12 March 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

The "Auks" are back in Town!
(But will they stay or will they go?)

I was awakened this morning by the call of the cliffs but opened the curtains to a dark, dull, drizzly and misty start! Today, I decided, was going to be full of challenges and we love challenges, don't we? Most readers will agree that RSPB Bempton Cliffs is an amazing place in all conditions. Last week, the first week of March, was amazing due to the fact that hundreds of Puffins were being seen on the water, close to the cliffs! Today was even more amazing with dozens of Puffins actually ON the cliffs! This seems so early! They were, of course in good company with hundreds of Razorbills and thousands of Guillemots also on the ledges! The question is, of course, "will they stay or will thet go"? Nothing in nature is set in tablets of stone! Watch this space!

I mentioned above that we love challenges! Todays challenge (well this mornings) was the poor light, especially for images! I just couldn't get speed with manual ISO settings, so I set my camera to auto ISO. The downside with this, of course, is grainy images (cue workmen blaming tools!).

Lets start with everyone's favourite - Puffins!

That's a long way down!

Guardian of Bartlett Nab!

At least 2% of Bempton's Guillemot population are Bridled, not a separate species, but additional pigmentation giving the impression of wearing spectacles!

Bridled Guillemot demonstrating a "pigeon chest"

Gannets are busily collecting nest material

While some Gannets decide to fight! (400ft/120m below Bartlett Nab!)

While life on the ledges progresses...........





Herring Gull

Mischief Plotting Jackdaw!

and finally, Rock Pipit


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin, nice images. As a birding photographer, I'd be interested in knowing what equipment you used for each shot. Doug.

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Doug and thank you! My camera equipment is quite modest! My walkabout set up is Canon 7D mk1 camera with either a Canon 400mm 5.6 prime (used for these images) or a Canon 100-400mm mk1. I also have a Canon 40D body. If I don't have to walk too far, I use a Canon 500mm 4.0 prime mk1.

Pat Chilvers said...

Beautiful images, makes me want to visit there again

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you Pat. See you soon?