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Monday, 6 March 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs - 5th March 2017

"Morning has broken......"

This morning dawned bright and cheerful as I received my call to the cliffs, echoed by a delightful chorus of birds as I arrived in the car park. An early walk to Grandstand and Bartlett Nab revealed thousands of Guillemots and hundreds of Razorbills on the cliffs, on the sea and in flight. I had hoped that the Kittiwakes would have arrived on the cliffs with their piercing calls but I had to wait until later in the day for this to happen. Today was rather special - ALL of the famous Bempton 8 birds could be seen, Guillemot; Razorbill; Herring Gull; Kittiwake; Shag; Gannet; Fulmar and Puffin! However, the Puffins were very distant on the sea and took some finding! Unfortunately the weather deteriorated into rain during the afternoon but as always, failed to dampen everyone's enthusiasm! The day ended with close encounters of two Short-eared Owls around the visitor centre and a further bird near Staple Newk. Also spotted near Jubilee Corner, a Common Redstart!

Todays Sightings


"I've told you before about wearing makeup"! Bridled Guillemot receiving a prod!

My first of the year "on the cliffs" Kittiwakes!


"Nightmare neighbour next door?" Squabbling Guillemot and Razorbill!

"Ole Blue Eyes" Gannet

Planning mischief! Jackdaw


Unknown said...

Kevin, Great to see all of the birds there. I may return on March 22 and 23rd. Hopefully, the full contingency will be there. I will let you know if I come over. It was great to meet you last time I was there.

Wendy Chapman

Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Wendy - hopefully, but we may struggle with Puffins but nature is strange and we may have them close! Flamborough reported 120 yesterday on sea and in flight so fingers crossed!