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Sunday, 26 February 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Short-eared Owl

I arrived at RSPB Bempton Cliffs well before the Seabird Centre opened this morning, in order to have a good look around and report back before our visitors arrived. The light at 0800hrs was perhaps the best the day would offer, with a golden glow. As I walked down the diagonal path towards the cliffs, a Short-eared Owl quartered the field before taking a well earned rest on the bench!

The Gannet numbers on the cliffs are certainly increasing with some still waiting for partners to return and some already paired and cementing their bond!

"When my partner arrives, I hope they notice how busy I've been, making our nest comfortable!"

A few Razorbills and Guillemots clung to the cliff ledges, but the majority formed large rafts on the sea.


Guillemot (not quite looking my best!)

I'm sure there was something in the water below Bartlett Nab as both Razorbills and Guillemots faced up to each other in fights lasting several minutes!

Guillemot Fight!

Razorbill Fight!

Fulmars continued to be very active

Blue (Dark) Fulmar

A number of interpretation boards have been erected around the feeding station and adjoining hedgerows drawing attention to a very endearing little bird - the Tree Sparrow.

And finally, Todays Sightings!