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Sunday, 29 January 2017

RSPB Bempton Cliffs

Gannets on Staple Newk

It is always a good feeling to leave my house in Bempton and head towards RSPB Bempton Cliffs in glorious sunshine and frost on the ground. It is even better to spot two Grey Partridge in the fields adjoining the reserve on Cliff Lane!

Grey Partridge

Before the visitor centre was open, I had a quick walk around Grandstand and Bartlett Nab viewpoints to get a feel of the day ahead. I couldn't resist attempting an image on the sun rising over the reserve.

It is a good omen when you can see Scarborough Castle from the viewpoints!

 Many Gannets were in flight around the cliffs and three were on the ledges. At our briefing before opening for visitors it was mentioned that c20 Gannets had been seen on Staple Newk yesterday so this was my first point of call! I was not to be disappointed with a count of c110 visible Gannets!

The "New" Staple Newk Viewpoint

Staple Newk Gannets

It is a great feeling to encounter Gannets on the cliffs and even better to witness their activities.

Glorious Gannets

One flew over the Gannet Colony!

The male Stonechat was still present, today favouring the cliff fencing.

No Guillemots were on the cliffs but small groups headed north along the coast. On the sea were c25 Red Throated Divers. Three Short Eared Owls quartered the fields around the visitor centre during the afternoon. The feeding station attracted two Siskin.

And finally, respect for these volunteers on a training mission below Staple Newk


Graeme1UK said...

So much enjoy the photos and updates Kevin. Impatient to get back in March, many thanks
Graeme & A-Marie

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you both, we shall look forward to seeing you soon!