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Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Morning on Bempton Cliffs - 15th October 2017


Circumstances only permitted me a morning on the cliffs, under a grey sky, mist and a cool south westerly blow. Brightness started to improve late morning with the promise of a sunny, warm afternoon - just as I was leaving! The roosting Tawny Owl in the dell was well hidden today with only a few feathers on show, accompanied with good numbers of Blackbirds, a few Redwings and Goldcrests. The nature trail produced a large flock of 18+ Long Tailed Tits - they just kept coming! Today, I viewed a Lesser Redpoll in the dell, a two year tick for me and my first in Yorkshire!

The majority of breeding seabirds may well have departed the cliffs but there are still dramatic vistas to be had, often looking good in changing light and m

There are still a few Gannets on the cliffs with Gugas, many of which will depart in the next week.

Ready to fledge Guga, completely obscuring one of its parents!

Our job is done!

Mam! Where are you mam? I'm so lonely!

A walk along the cliff path to Jubilee Corner produced a very obliging Peregrine Falcon!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Bempton Cliffs - 8th October 2017

Weasel near Bartlett Nab

A pleasantly mild but predominantly overcast day, with increasing sunshine during the afternoon was the order of the day on the cliffs. Bird numbers continue to decrease so what is about?

Todays Sightings

A few Gannets remain on the cliffs, some still supporting their Gugas but larger numbers can be seen on the sea and in flight. Looking to the skies, out to sea and through the vegetation brings in migratory birds - currently large numbers of migratory Blackbirds, Thrushes and Finches.

Gannets - some still supporting Gugas

Surprises today included quite good views of a roosting Tawny Owl in the Dell, harassed by Thrushes on a regular basis!

On the grassland areas, "charms" of Goldfinches add colour

But for me, and a few lucky visitors, two Weasels near Bartlett Nab viewpoint were the highlight of the day!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Flamborough, South Landing and Thornwick - 3rd October 2017


On such a pleasant autumnal morning, it would be just rude not to go out birding! Blue sky and sunshine but a cooling south westerly blow. I decided to head out to Flamborough, stopping off at Watery Lane where two Ruff graced the small wetland area.


And then down to South Landing, an area that I do not do justice!


Rock Pipit



White Wagtail

And off to Thornwick Pools which held lots of water but little in the way of birdlife! A quick look at the fishing pool was just as interesting! However, on leaving the pools, on the grass area adjacent to the entrance road, two Wheatears caught my attention!

In all, not a bad three hours birding!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Bempton Cliffs - 1st October 2017

From Bartlett Nab

A very brief visit to the cliffs this morning encountering dampness, drizzle and dullness! The cliffs began to show their naked splendour with all but a few Gannets (some still with Gugas) remaining on the ledges.

Despite the conditions, a couple of Wood Pigeons seemed to be "making out" on the gate outside the visitor centre!

For some Gannets, the breeding season is not over and they continue to look after their Gugas, but not for much longer!