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Friday, 18 November 2016


Waxwings have to be one of my favourite birds so when they are in your area, it would be rude not to pay them homage! Also, they would be a three year tick and a Yorkshire tick (for me) thrown in. So with a reasonable weather forecast, we headed off to Pickering. Now, interesting birds do choose some "interesting" place to show - these were in the grounds of the swimming pool! Pointing large cameras in the direction of the pool could be misconstrued, but I think the staff are getting used to birders standing in their field! Although dry, the bitter wind did its best to chill those present to the bone and the light did its best to cause issues! The birds of course appeared when it was gloomy and were nowhere to be seen when the sun illuminated their favourite Rowan! The largest flock today numbered around thirty birds but often eighty to one hundred and ten birds can be seen.

They're behind you!

They're behind you!



Andy Gordon said...

Brilliant pics Kevin. Nice to meet you today at Pickering.

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you Andy - it's always good to meet other birders! I'm sure we will soon be inundated with Waxwings but I just hope they grace us with better light!