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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Thornwick Pool, Flamborough


Symphony was booked in at Flamborough this morning for grooming which gave myself and Heather a couple of hours which we spent at Thornwick Pool. It was a dull, grey day with a raw cold blow, typical of November. The water levels were very low and held little to excite us, but it was nice to enjoy the activities of more common birds. c9 Snipe showed well, with a juvenile Great Black Backed Gull, several Herring Gulls, Black Headed Gulls, numerous Teal, Moorhen, a single Dunlin and two Water Rails. The antics of the Water Rails entertained us for several minutes when two birds came together in a gap in the reeds. For those that remember Benny Hill, the closing sequence of his shows featured a comical chase. The two Water Rails chased each other, around in circles, in and out of the reeds! All we needed was the Benny Hill music and for me to have switched my camera to video mode!

Common Snipe

Juv Great Black Backed Gull (loafing)

Water Rail

Dunlin (This bird seems to have a frontal injury/deformity)


Herring Gull

Black Headed Gulls

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