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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Spurned at Spurn! Dipping the Siberian Accentor!

Isabelline Wheatear

To be honest, I do not like crowds when I'm out birding so when the Siberian Accentor was reported at Easington, it was not top of the list to compete with hundreds of more eager "twitchers"! Although I only live 40 miles away from the venue, it was very difficult to go anyway. Today was the first opportunity to go and when it was reported as showing well at dusk last evening, preparations were made. Myself, Heather and Symphony headed south!  Encouraged by the birds presence at 0750hrs this morning, we entered the twilight zone of poor reception, happy we were guaranteed the bird. How wrong could we be? This morning report was erroneous and some glum faces eagerly searched but alas no Siberian Accentor.

NO Siberian Accentor for me!

However, an Isobelline Wheatear was showing well about a mile down the coast so off the three of us went. I have to say that Yorkshire miles are longer than English miles, but eventually we were at the site with only two Stonechats to entertain! After a few minutes, the Wheatear appeared giving excellent views and more than made up for our earlier disappointment!

Isobelline Wheatear

Leaving Easington, time was not on our side, so we headed back to Bempton but called in at Hornsea Mere on the way. This was productive with year ticks of White Fronted Geese, female Pintail and female Goldeneye. Also present were Pink Footed Geese, Pochard, Teal, Wigeon, Great Crested Grebe as well as the more common wildfowl.

White Fronted Goose

White Fronted Goose with Pink Footed Geese


Linda said...

Beautiful photos!!! :)

Kevin Groocock said...

Thank you Linda